Bio: I support the NO-KILL movement. I am an animal rights activist. Some of the things I've stated doing is becoming a Vegan, signing petitions, writing and writing my Senators, calling Council members, and much all started when I saw the Documentary called: Earthlings (COMPLETE MOVIE) Animal Cruelty Treatment Fur Meat Vivisection. It was absolutely horrifying!!! The cruelty in this movie was nothing like you could ever imagine. And it goes on and on 24/7...instantly it changed my life! Now I will FIGHT with all that is within me to bring justice and safety to animals!!!!!!! I had watched a few more videos about China's dog torture for preparing for Restaurants. It was almost the ULTIMATE in abuse and cruelty!!! I no longer watch anything. I know enough. I do my work. It is my passion! I love all animals of the can judge a man by the way he treats his animal. Update to come.. I especially have a soft spot in my heart for the most misunderstood breed of dog, the far most first to be killed, fought and feared the Pitbull..the real problem is..the irresponsible owners!!!

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